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Inpatient Program



There are two types of accommodation available at Bindarray Clinic:

  • Ensuite rooms
  • Twin share with ensuite

Allocation of rooms is made by the Unit Manager and based on the following:

  • Availability
  • Clinical need
  • Level of health insurance

Although you may be allocated a private room you may find that after a period of time you will be required to move to a shared room. This will be determined by the needs of incoming clients, your level of health insurance and the average length of stay is 3 weeks.


At Bindarray Clinic we aim to provide a safe, pleasant, low stimulus environment. We have a zero tolerance policy towards violence, drugs and alcohol on the ward.

The unit is fitted with Closed Circuit TV in communal areas only.

Visiting hours for Bindarray Clinic are from 10am to 8pm. There is a group programme that runs on Mondays to Fridays and most patients benefit from attending this so visiting outside of these hours may be in their best interest.

Also, people who are in hospital may find entertaining visitors to be very tiring so keep this in mind when planning your visits and keep them brief.

Please sign the visitors book at the front desk when you arrive and on your departure.


Visitors are able to enjoy a meal with their friend or relative.

Hot meals cost $12 and sandwiches cost $7.

To assist our catering staff, meals need to be ordered at the following times: Lunch order is to be placed before 10am and dinner order is to be placed before 3pm. Please speak to the nursing or administration staff in the Unit to place your order.

What Happens Upon Admission

Upon arrival your loved one will be allocated to a treating team with a Consultant Psychiatrist. They will usually be seen by one of the Psychiatrists and will also have a physical examination by one of our Staff Medical Officers. They will be shown around the unit, allocated to a room and given information about the programme and treatments available.

Observation Levels

Upon admission patients are placed on observation level 3, which means they are unable to leave the unit and are checked every half an hour. This is reviewed after 24hours and changed accordingly.

Level 2 means patients may have some accompanied leave and are checked hourly.

Level 1 means patients are able to leave the unit for short periods of time and checked every two hours.

Please ensure you know which level your relative/friend is on and discuss any queries or concerns with the treating team.


Carers play an important role in the patient's recovery. On admission patient's will be asked to nominate the person or persons who they wish to include in discussions about their treatment plan and progress, and to identify the level of disclosure they would like this person/s to have.

Personal information about the patient's thoughts and feelings and their history will not be discussed with anyone without the patient's express permission.

Whilst On Leave

If your loved one has some day leave and is in your care, please keep the following in mind. It is possible that they may be experiencing sedation or other side effects from their medications.

Please ask the staff if you have any concerns. Patients have agreed to not take any other medications than those prescribed, and it is recommended not to drink alcohol.

Treatment and Programme

At Bindarray Clinic we provide a group programme Monday to Friday. Over the weekend there is a more relaxed programme.

Each patient will have an individual treatment plan and discharge plan. Input from family and carers is essential.

Smoking Policy

All internal areas of the unit are designated nonsmoking. Patients and visitors are only allowed to smoke in the designated areas outdoors.


You are advised to leave valuables at home as the unit cannot take any responsibility for these items. The unit does however provide wardrobe key for each patient. The amount of cash should be limited.


Patients will need a couple of changes of comfortable outfits, shoes, nightwear, slippers and toiletries for their stay.


Patients each have a telephone by their bed and all local calls are free. Patients may purchase a phone card from the reception staff for STD and mobile calls. If the patient is happy to take calls, their direct number can be given to you upon request.


Patients will be prescribed medications by doctors, which will then be administered by nursing staff. Patients will not require their own supply of psychiatric medications, however if they have any medical conditions patients should bring medications for these conditions from home. All medications, including herbal and over the counter medications must be given to nursing staff.


The unit has a laundry with a washing machine and dryer. An ironing board and iron are also available, please ask staff. Alternatively, patients may send their dirty washing home with a friend or relative.


Special diets including vegetarian, vegan, diabetic and gluten free can all be catered for by the hospital. Patients can bring food and drinks in but fridge space is limited, please ensure it is stored and labelled adequately.

Daily meal delivery times, including weekends, are:

Morning tea
Afternoon tea


Bindarray Clinic is staffed by a dedicated team of nurses, led by the Nurse Unit Manager. Upon admission each patient will be allocated to a team headed by one of the Consultant Psychiatrists.

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Group room
Group room