Baringa Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

About Baringa Private Hospital

Baringa Private Hospital was opened in 1978 and incorporates the most modern hospital design, and the equipment has been chosen for the comprehensive facilities for diagnosis and treatment. Great attention has been paid to the individual needs and comfort of our patients.

Our hospital is fully accredited by International Standards Certification (ISO). Standards for Safety and Quality in Healthcare, fully supported by Ramsay Health Care Pty Ltd.

A medical, surgical, rehabilitation and IVF hospital with state of the art operating theatres, this hospital also incorporates a Special Care Unit so that facilities for all medical and/or surgical emergencies are provided. Also incorporated is a Day Procedure Unit.

The hospital has a new five bed medical suite which has adjoining facilities for family and friends to be able to congregate in privacy.

A Day Rehabilitation and Pain Management Programme operates with experienced staff to accommodate the needs of the patient and a Day Medical Unit provides Chemotherapy and Intravenous Therapy Services.

Radiology, Pathology and Physiotherapy services are also available on site.

The Rehabilitation Centre, operated in conjunction with Ramsay Professional Services which is unequalled in the region in providing rehabilitation, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, massage therapy and exercise therapy in inpatients, outpatients and to clients in their homes.

The aim is to give service and facilities of the highest standard to specialist physicians, surgeons and general practitioners using the Hospital and to provide patients with a personal service most suited to their needs in an atmosphere close to that of home.

The courtyard between our medical and surgical wards has been dedicated as a Remembrance Garden to our war veterans although it is available for use by all patients.

The Management and Staff welcome you to our Hospital and hope your stay with us will be as comfortable as we can possibly make it.

The purpose of our Hospital is to provide the finest standard of medical and surgical care for those who wish to obtain private treatment.

The staff of the hospital are aware of the uncertainties about the hospital environment in addition to your worry about the condition which has made it necessary for you to enter hospital. They are trained to provide you with a high standard of care and have the experience and understanding to assist you to overcome these problems. Please feel free to discuss your feelings with them and do not hesitate to ask questions about anything that may be troubling you, and you are encouraged to speak directly with the Director of Clinical Services if you so desire.

We wish you a comfortable stay and a speedy return home.

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Ruthnam
Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer