Baringa Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

When You Leave

Whilst you are a patient in hospital concerns about your care or administrative matters may arise, please ask to speak with the Nurse Unit Manager. Your doctor is the only person who can explain the details of your admission.


Patient feedback is appreciated to assist us to make ongoing improvements to our service. Please feel free to provide feedback through the Patient Satisfaction Survey or directly in writing to the Chief Executive Officer.


You will need to think about your discharge even before you come in to hospital, as there may be alterations or changes that you need to make. Your doctor can provide an estimate of how long you will be hospitalized. You will be advised of any items you may need to hire when you are discharged and you will need to arrange to have these available. If you are having major surgery it is helpful to have someone who is able to help you with care and housework after you are discharged.

When you are ready to leave, a staff member will assist you or direct you to the Front Reception to advise the administration staff the time of your discharge.

Before you leave the ward area ensure you have:

  • Your medications and/or prescriptions, x-rays and scans
  • Personal items
  • A copy of your discharge information form

The nurse on the ward looking after you will organize a discharge summary sheet to take home. The discharge sheet will have been organized by your doctor. All discharge instructions will be there in writing for you to take home. This will include directions in regards to medications, special treatments or equipment, activity limitations, diet instructions, appointments and follow-ups.